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GANT’s Commitment To Accessibility

GANT is committed to providing the best online experience for everyone, including those with disabilities. As a first step, GANT commits its best efforts to reasonably work on the code of its website to ease the use of screen reading features. As part of code improvements, GANT will, among other improvements, structure headings and content on site, increase contrast on forms and buttons, add descriptive tags for images and improve the experience using modals and overlays on site. In addition, GANT has partnered with AccesiBe to enhance site navigation and offer our clients an optimized user experience.

For people seeking accessibility options in the form of enhanced text, audio descriptions, vision alterations, or other assistance, please Click Here and adjust according to your preferences. This tool will make it easier to navigate the GANT website. GANT will also do its best to make its website totally barrier free for people with a disability within the next five years. If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please contact:

You can also download a copy of our accessibility statement here