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A  woman with dark brown hair wearing yellow green clothes. She is walking on a concrete staircase to a water source. A chicken is standing at the end of the staircase.


Conserve Every Drop Project

Water is a precious resource, and we want to help protect it. In line with our sustainability commitments and 7 Rules initiative, we have partnered with WaterAid on the Conserve Every Drop Project. Fully funded by GANT, this two-year project will aim to improve water conservation in the Bangalore region of India, with the aspiration to help people access clean water and sanitation.

Milestone: Restoration of the village pond has commenced to source water and improve the soil conditions for local farmers.

A woman in traditional indian dress is bending down in front of a large tank and has placed a large collecting form under it.


Our goal is to create 10 rainwater harvesting systems to supply 10 communities in the Bangalore region of India with fresh water. We will also develop innovative recharge structures to protect and fill the groundwater to ensure a healthy water supply for future generations.

 A wall of a house with several large bowls in front of it. two women sit and stand in front of it, with one man looking around the corner of the house.


“By partnering with WaterAid on the Conserve Every Drop Project, we are able to reinvest our resources and directly help communities that we have long-working partnerships with, as well as provide access to clean water and sanitation for thousands of people,” says GANT’s Sustainability and Innovation Director, Jessica Cederberg Wodmar.

A man with a sweater under his shirt and a cap standing under a palm tree. He points to the fountain next to him.


Due to recurrent droughts, groundwater depletion and inadequate water conservation, the Bangalore district faces high water vulnerability and severe scarcity of drinking water for approximately four months of the year. By reviving long neglected, traditional water sources and enhancing their capabilities and sanitation, The Conserve Every Drop Project is predicted to directly and indirectly impact 15 000 people getting sustainable access to clean water.

A young girl with patterned dress draws water from a tap with a smile on her face.


“Earlier the school had irregular water supply, especially during the summer. Now with the new rainwater harvesting structure, the storage tank in the school is always full and there is continuous water supply to wash hands. The toilets are also much cleaner now since there is water available. Our group in school has planned to start a kitchen garden now too,” says Divya, a 15-year-old student at Government High School, Ummalu.