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Social Compliance & Code of Conduct

GANT is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an international drive that is part of Amfori to improve working conditions in the global supply chain.

Through BSCI, a common Code of Conduct is shared by 600 companies. This Code of Conduct regulates working environment issues, including workplace health and safety, working hours, industrial compensation and the prohibition of child labor. Our business is guided by the GANT Code of Ethics as well as our aim to work with long-term business relationships.

Due diligence is done to assure that all suppliers are compliant with the Code of Conduct. In 2018 all factories in Asia, Africa and Turkey had valid social audits conducted by a third party. We have a continuous improvement program in place to build capacity within our supplier base.

High quality and durability are cornerstones of our sustainability work. The GANT Supplier Agreement includes requirements for quality testing to be conducted. In case of non-compliance with GANT quality standards, suppliers need to make sufficient adjustments to keep high standards.

A blue map which highlights where GANT factories are highlighted.

This map highlights where GANT factories are located.

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