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The blue sea with light waves and rocks in the foreground.


GANT was born where America meets the Atlantic. Coastal living is part of our heritage, and water is central to our commitment to creating a more sustainable future. It’s an area that we need to address and work on from an impact perspective–and a personal one. Our vision is that by 2030, GANT will be a brand known and loved for leading the journey to protect and safeguard drinkable, fishable, and swimmable water for current and future generations.

We have set three targets: 

  • By 2023, 70% of GANT suppliers will have best-in-class water management, and by 2030, this will rise to 100%.
  • GANT will support water initiatives such as WaterAid to safeguard drinkable, fishable, and swimmable water for current and future generations.
  • By 2030 GANT will only use as much water as replenishes naturally in all our operations.



Conserve Every Drop Project

Water is a precious resource, and we want to help protect it. In line with our sustainability commitments and 7 Rules initiative, we have partnered with WaterAid on the Conserve Every Drop Project. Fully funded by GANT, this two-year project will aim to improve water conservation in the Bangalore region of India, with the aspiration to help people access clean water and sanitation.


Ocean Prep™

GANT aims to protect coastal environments, so we partnered with SEAQUAL™ to remove some of the approximately 165 million tons of plastic floating in our oceans, and upcycle it into yarn that we use in our Ocean Prep™ garments.


Water within production

We’re constantly striving to reduce the water used within our supply chain. By setting targets, partnering with leading suppliers, and promoting closed loop systems to reduce water usage, we’re exploring new ways to reduce our water footprint.

Several colorful fishing nets on a pile with the sea in the background.


Local water initiatives

Taking care of water in a local context is important to show that we can all proactively contribute toward protecting the ocean from waste pollution.

Initiated in 2019, the GANT team cleaned in both Stockholm and London. The Stockholm headquarters joined Städa Sverige in 2019 in a joint collaboration between our HR and sustainability teams in the spirit of our credo, Never Stop Learning. Employees helped collect waste and clean the neighboring area of the office. The London office joined Waterkeeper Alliance UK and cleaned the Thames River. We will continue to take care of water in a local context by engaging our teams in local water initiatives in 2020.


The Coloration Project

To transform our color production into a more sustainable one, we’re launching an entirely new process that will grow and evolve over time: The Coloration Project.