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Three thick sweaters in the colors cream, beige and yellow stacked on top of each other.


7 Rules to make it last

7 Rules is our take on circular fashion; a global sustainability initiative created by GANT. In the spirit of Never Stop Learning, the 7 rules are our way to inspire and empower customers to create a longer-lasting relationship with their garments.

1 Repair

Even great quality can be affected by wear and tear and could eventually rip, break or lose a button. To help extend the longevity of your garments, GANT introduced Lifelong Repair - a free repair service for denim jeans made in 2020 and onwards. Visit selected GANT-owned stores to bring new life back to your jeans and restore what was once lost. Find your nearest GANT store here.

2 Relove

From its earliest days, GANT has created high-quality classics from durable fabrics that last a long time. We want to invite our customers to be a force for change by extending the life of their clothes and reusing ‘pre-loved’ garments.

3 Remake

A beautiful garment is the sum of all its parts. Our REMAKE collections feature limited-edition garments that are upcycled from leftover fabric from the GANT factory archives. Given a new lease of life, these pieces are elevated from forgotten materials into something extraordinarily memorable. 

4 Refresh

Even small actions can make a big difference. With a little extra care, garments can be refreshed to provide a longer-lasting life. As well as receiving advice in-store, we are developing an online Care Guide that will feature tips and tools to help our customers keep their purchases looking their best so they can be enjoyed for many seasons to come. 

5 Regive

We are taking action to conserve and protect the precious resource of water. Working together with WaterAid, GANT will be contributing to the Conserve Every Drop Project, an initiative aimed at providing 10 communities in the Bangalore region of India with access to clean water. This is a part of our ongoing commitment to the global goals for sustainable development and to help people all over the world access clean water and sanitation.

6 Recycle

Recycling is part of the circle of consumption and should be a natural part of a garment’s life. In partnership with TexAid, we encourage people to bring their GANT items into our stores to be recycled and taken care of responsibly. Let the things you once adored find use again.

7 Rent

To further inspire a reuse and recycle philosophy, we are currently in the process of developing a rental service to help our customers easily discover the GANT world. This will allow customers to try new products or treat themselves to something extra for a special occasion, whilst exploring a circular fashion journey.