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7 Rules
& Circularity

To enable a more sustainable consumption of garments, we need to shift away from the current linear model of “make-sell-dispose” and adopt a more circular model in which garments do not end up as waste in landfills. This is also a priority that can be seen amongst legislators in many of the markets where GANT is present.

Our priority for circular fashion is to make the circular loop as large as possible. We believe in using renewable materials of the highest quality to ensure garments have a longer-lasting life. This is part of GANT’s heritage and business model.

Built on the EU Waste Hierarchy, the GANT 7 Rules is our take on circular fashion and a way to invite people to learn how to give their clothes a longer life and to care for their products with reduced environmental impact. The 7 Rules by GANT is a way to educate consumers about garment care and inspire and invite them to take joint responsibility for their clothes. The GANT 7 Rules include Refresh, Repair, Relove, Rent, Regive, Remake and Recycle.

For more information about these rules, please visit here.



Packaging has an important purpose of protecting GANT products whilst they are on their way to a consumer. In line with the GANT Packaging Policy, we aim for efficient packaging and appropriate solutions for our products. We continuously strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment from our packaging by emphasizing the use of renewable and sustainably-sourced materials. All paper and carton packaging, including shopping bags and e-com boxes, are FSC-certified. As signatories to The Fashion Pact, GANT is committed to eliminating the use of problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging. For any plastic packaging that remains, we aim to only use 100% recycled plastic. GANT has not used any bags or hangers made of plastic in stores for the last decade. For e-com, both carton boxes and plastic bags are used. These plastic e-com bags are currently made of 80% recycled plastic. GANT’s requirement is that all polybags used on garments during necessary transports are made of 100% recycled plastic.