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Natural Materials

At GANT 89% of our material is made from natural fibers. To ensure that these natural resources can be used in the future we have several strategic programs in place to mitigate scarce resources and take care of the resources that we already have on the planet.

Out of these natural fibers, we work primarily with cotton. In 2018, 77% of our collection was made out of cotton. Because of this emphasis, we have a clear cotton staircase that goes up to 2030 with a three-step-plan for our cotton usage. Our nearest target is to by 2022 have replaced all conventional cotton with better options, such as Better Cotton Initiative, organic cotton, recycled cotton, regenerative cotton and transitional cotton. By 2030 we will only source cotton through the best available farming practices at hand to support our overall goals.

GANT also has a reduce, reuse, recycle policy in order to implement a closed loop system strategy to all parts of the business. We take responsibility for unsold goods and provides solutions for those products to get a second life.